Hub Ho Hin

Company Profile

Hub Ho Hin Bangkok has been in the TVC production business since 1991. The founders are Mr. Jira Maligool and Mr. Pongnakorn Komarakul Na Nagara. They were also directors for the TVCs that the company took in. At that moment, the company had only nine employees.

During the past fifteen years, the company has produced more than three hundred quality commercials. The clients are leading local and international advertising agencies, namely BBDO, Leo Burnett, Saatchi& Saatchi, JWT, O&M, Y&R, Grey, TBWA, Thai Hakuhodo, Dentsu, SC Matchbox, FCB, Far East, etc. It has more than forty competent staffs and four well-known directors, including

- Pongnakorn Komarakul Na Nagara
- Kanchit Sopchokchai
- Phavin Suphantavarug
- Woottidanai Intarakaset

Moreover, we also represent two successful directors.

- Yongyoot Thongkongtoon: Metrosexual* (2006), Iron Ladies*(2000), Iron Ladies II*(2003)
- Rutaiwan Wongsirasawad: Oops! There’s Dad* (2005)

            With passion in feature film, in 2000, Jira and Yongyoot co-directed Iron Ladies*(2000) and it became phenomenal success. Hub Ho Hin Films was consequently established in 2001 and produced several quality films such as Mekhong Full Moon Party* (2002), Iron Ladies II* (2003) and My Girl* (2003). With all the success made by Jira and Yongyoot, GTH has emerged in May 2004. It is an integrated Thai film studio committed to producing, marketing and distributing. GTH is a fully independent joint venture from three of Thailand’s most renowned and innovative media companies, GMM, Tai Entertainment and Hub Ho Hin Bangkok.  Now it enjoys wide acknowledgement from viewers throughout Thailand and overseas.

            Although Jira has been working on feature films as a director and a producer, he is still with Hub Ho Hin Bangkok as an executive director and advisor. His professional advice is beneficial to the team as always.

Our Founder

            Jira  Maligool

            A Bachelor of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University,  Jira was born and raised up in Bangkok but gradually worked his way up to the top of his career as a successful director who has brought out the best of Thai countryside, both scenarios and people. As music video director during 1987-1989 and TVC Commercial director during 1990-2000, he won a good number of Thailand awards.  As feature film director, he swept Supannahongsa Awards (equivalent to local Oscar) in 2002 for his debut Mekhong Full Moon Party* as Best Script, Best Director and Best Picture. In 2005, he proved his talent with the second film The Tin Mine* which also won Best Director and Best Picture Awards.

            As a HUB HO HIN BANGKOK founder and share holder, Jira also runs an affiliate company GTH as Head of creative and development. In some projects he is a director and sometimes a producer. Free from work, he has made himself busy with traveling, writing and developing young talents for the industry.


            Pongnakorn  Komarakul Na Nagara

            Prior to being a co-founder and commercial film director at HUB HO HIN BANGKOK, Pongnakorn has made his reputation as an annual award winning Art Director at Leo Burnett and DY&R Bangkok. A Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design, Silpakorn University, he is indeed a man with style. Nowadays, not only does he direct TV commercials, but he also develops and trains directors in the company to become a good, successful directors.


About the Name: Three Little Words

                It started in 1987, when by chance, Jira Maligool was offered an opportunity to direct his first TV spot after wandering around as a freelancer in multi-vision media and music video business. And his life was about to change forever, and his company was about to take its first breath.

                It all began when Jira was in the sound studio for a sound mix session. Stuck when being asked by a sound studio receptionist, Jira, a freelancer at that time was in a spot. He had no company name, not even a company of his own. Then, quick of mind, a name came out “HUB HO HIN”, he replied to that lady. It is the name of a rice mill in Songkhla, a town in the southern part of Thailand, where he had just shot one music clip. So, with this name in hand, he successfully entered the dubbing room that day. And the story of the 3 Little Words.

                Jira continued using this name each time he entered more doors of facilities, editing rooms, camera rentals, advertising agencies by not even knowing what this name meant. Unknown shortly among creative people by Jira’s individual directing style. It also made him step into stages and stages to receive some national advertising awards, including Asian Awards 1989.

                Three years later, Jira, together with Pongnakorn Komarakul Na Nagara, his former creative, client and friend, established their company under this lucky name

                “HUB HO HIN Bangkok”

                Half a year later, Jira finally learnt the meaning of this 3 little words by the right owner of the original “HUB HO HIN” rice mill. The owner called Jira with anger for Jira had used the name without permission. As such, Jira sincerely expressed his apology, and luckily, the owner of the original “HUB HO HIN” agreed to accept it. And he proudly explained what “HUB HO HIN” exactly means.     

HUB Collaborate
HO  Comfort
HIN  Come through


                More than 10 years later, Jira and Pongnakorn, together with their teams, have worked under these 3 little words with great belief in providing a favourable environment for individuals to reach their potential as filmmakers in the arena of creating TV commercials and features.