Hub Ho Hin


Hub Ho Hin Bangkok offers a production service to clients both in the country and overseas. No need to ship equipment. No need to search for other supported services. Apart from the advantage of favourable exchange rate, clients can get top-class services in every aspect. The crews here will always be on hand to help you all the way through.



We scout and screen-test people for television commercials and feature films, for local and international usage. The talents range from good-looking boys and girls to a person with special character. In short, we can help deliver the right talent to you whatever your requirements are.

As we own a well-equipped casting studio, your job is guaranteed to be done smoothly, without studio booking problems. We have got first-rate equipment for filming, lighting, and editing.

As Hub Ho Hin Bangkok holds share in a leading feature film company, GTH, we can get contact with talents starred in feature films produced by GTH without a hitch.

Good connection with suppliers and freelancers that we have made throughout our years of operation always helps us in many ways. Their assistance never fails us.


With fifteen-year experience in filming production, Hub Ho Hin Bangkok can make sure that you can get the right location. We have supported filming in terms of location in many big cities, in Thailand and oversea, namely New York, France, New Zealand to Kenya.

Hub Ho Hin Bangkok has worked with numerous film producers scouting for the premier movie locations. Our movie location scout services are in demand by leading movie producers and production companies to find the most suitable movie locations in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and others provinces for movie projects and film productions. Our experienced location scouts are knowledgeable and well trained, willing to do whatever it takes to help make your next movie location and film location project a great success.

If you are scouting for a movie or film location property anywhere in South East Asia, and of course especially in Thailand, Hub Ho Hin Bangkok can help you locate and rent an ideal movie or film location property. Please contact us for more information and you will be impressed by our services.


As Thailand has become one of the most fascinating locations for Hollywood film industry, all modern equipment in Bangkok awaits for such big projects. 35 mm,16 mm, on ground or under water, equipped cameras are all in hand. Light grips and sound recording tools are varied for all sizes and requirements. In short, a wide range of cameras including all kits is readily available in the country.


  • Digital non linear offline by Avid Express Pro HD v. 5.2.7 and Final Cut Pro HD v 4.5(G5)
  • Telecine Suite
    Davinci Ursa Diamond
    Spirit 2k plus
    Spirit 4k
    Davinci Resolve
  • VTR Digital Compositing and edit online
    D1 editing room
    Quantel Henry Infinity
    Discreet Logic Smoke
    Discreet Logic Inferno 6.5
    Discreet Logic Flame Tezro
    Discreet Logic Flame
  • Digital Intermediate and Tape transfer
    Arri Laser Recorder for 4k and 2k resolution
    CELCO Firestorm Film Recorder
    Full options HD system and tape
    Digital Betacam
    Beta SP
    Computer file system
  • VFX
    3D Computer Graphics
    Adobe After Effect
  • Pal or NTSC system

Sound and Music production

  • Pro Tool HD 6.4
  • Music Compose
  • Lyric writer
  • Music Library
  • SRD system
  • SFX
  • DAT or CD transfer


Our line-production is now opened and operated for regional and international clients. With your varied needs, please contact our executive producer. They could arrange partly or full operation in all sizes of budget and timing.

1) Complete Production Service
From budgeting and scheduling, Hub Ho Hin Bangkok provides a thorough production plan for its clients. And only after the plan is proved by the client and the contract is signed, all the production works from pre-production to post production get started.

2) Co-Production
Based on the client's request, instead of a complete production service, Hub Ho Hin Bangkok can offer partly production support such as casting, location scouting, equipment and studio renting, shooting crew, or post production only.

3) Transportation and Accommodation
Transportation including delivery from airport to hotel and hotel to location could all be arranged upon request.